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  • Power Storage and Grid Solutions. Power grids are more dynamic and complex than ever before. Faced with growing renewable energy installations contributing power to an aging infrastructure, energy storage has become an important focus. Whether for frequency regulation, demand charge reduction or peak shaving, Northern Reliability's multi-megawatt solutions solve problems while supporting the renewable energy sources attached to your grid. In addition, NRI's systems provide an ideal fit for disaster recovery, back-up power and black-start support solutions.

    Northern Reliability’s BESS/DES systems also provide an affordable, customized solution for emergency power and energy arbitrage needs.

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  • Continuous, reliable, low-maintenance power for off-grid applications. Our stand-alone Solar Power Systems (SPS Series) are at the heart of our lighting, communications, and micro-grid power solutions. By incorporating solar, generators, and other energy production technologies with batteries and state of the art controls, our systems enable customers to increase reliability while reducing their operating costs and environmental impacts.

    Developed from more than three decades of industry experience and designed to operate in any location, regardless of climate, altitude or site accessibility, the SPS product line has been tailored to meet common mobility, extreme climate, and monitoring needs.

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  • Our Solar Obstruction Lighting Systems are the complete FAA compliant solution for your tower, airfield and general obstruction lighting needs in locations where access to commercial power is challenging. Our SOLS series products use photovoltaic (PV) panels to provide day and night lighting when site or “grid” power is unavailable, unreliable, or prohibitively expensive. The energy captured by the PV panels is stored in a battery bank, providing continuous power during times of low sunlight.

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  • Northern Reliability’s System Controllers and NorthView: Control and Monitoring Software allow for full system autonomy and feedback, taking the guess work out of operating your power system. As a generation agnostic solutions provider our family of controllers and management software can seamlessly integrate any source of power along with state of the art energy storage for a robust and flexible system that is easy to manage. Examples of load management functions include “Grid Zero” or “Sell Back” modes intended to maximize reliability and power value. "Grid Zero" mode is intended to draw no power from the grid and supply the load from solar or battery energy whereas the "Sell Back" mode is similar to that of a traditional net metered photovoltaic system. Individually these features create a significant impact to the utility company grid infrastructure. If deployed in aggregate, these functions also help to improve grid efficiency.

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