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As a global community we are facing an evolving energy landscape while expecting more expansive, reliable, and uninterrupted connectivity to each other.  Technological advances, economic realities, and environmental concerns have converged to make generating electricity from locally available energy resources not only viable but often a necessary consideration.  Today, commercial, industrial and government customers are looking for cost effective, solution-focused approaches to address the increasingly decentralized energy landscape.

Our standard and customizable power systems deliver innovative, flexible, and sustainable energy solutions to meet these challenges in the following industries and markets.

The team at Northern Reliability understands that each energy project has its own set of considerations and challenges. Our skilled professionals work closely with our customers to design and provide products that best meet their power needs. With more than three decades of industry experience, Northern Reliability’s solutions are designed to operate in any location, regardless of climate, altitude, or site accessibility.


Power Solutions for Utilities Facing a New Energy Landscape

Utilities Utilities are in the business of delivering power to a world with evolving energy demands. Today, the industry is expected to provide more energy with greater efficiency, reliability and renewables all while being disaster ready.

Northern Reliability meets these complex demands by offering a multitude of customized solutions that allow utilities to operate continuously with complete control and minimal system maintenance. Typical Utilities Industry applications include:

• Battery Energy Storage & Management Systems
• Remote Obstruction Lighting
• Renewable Energy Integration, Controls and Monitoring
• Power Balancing
• Peak Shaving Opportunities
• Remote Monitoring and Communications
• Comprehensive Engineering, Project Management & Field Services


Powering Telecom Applications in a Changing Energy Landscape

TelecomMeeting the goals of universal coverage means integrating a variety of networks, transmitters and fiber optic cables over numerous types of terrain where grid connectivity is often limited. Northern Reliability helps telecom companies supply power to equipment stationed in these remote areas so providers can increase coverage, reliability and overall customer satisfaction. Like utility companies, the telecom industry is facing challenges associated with the emerging energy landscape. Telecom companies are well positioned to help lead the way for utilities looking to undertake the smart grid infrastructure upgrades that their customers demand. Typical Telecom Industry applications include:

• Cellular Phone, Voice, and Data Networks
• Fiber Optic Networks g
• Television & Radio Transmitters
• Power for Co-Located Equipment


We Power the Harshest Climates With Outstanding Reliability

GovernmentGovernment work is mission critical work. Energy needs to be available, reliable, and secure no matter the location and or environmental complications. Our engineers have over 30 years of experience designing stand alone and hybrid energy systems all branches of the US armed forces… these capable solutions include: Northern Reliability’s ability to fully integrate available energy sources into reliable year round power at remote and inhabitable sites is what sets up apart from the competition. Our solutions have powered military and government sites located in some of the harshest climates with exceptional operating records.

• Border Security and Surveillance
• Tactical Air Combat Training Systems
• Research Stations
• Radio Communication Applications
• Border Security and Surveillance
• Tactical Air Combat Training Systems
• Radio Communication Applications, including First Responder Networks

Disaster Preparedness

We Keep You Up and Running, No Matter What Happens

Disaster PreparednessRecent natural disasters have illustrated that reliance on fossil fuel generators for back-up power during times of emergency is no longer enough to protect your business. Northern Reliability’s energy storage solutions work with or without a solar component, ensure your business’s critical loads, power your entry systems, and keep security measures up and running… even when the utility is down and generator fuel is scarce.

Our energy storage solutions also offer a valuable array of additional benefits for when emergency operation is on standby. Benefits include peak shaving opportunities, energy storage for net metered renewables, and critical load back-up power. Typical Disaster Preparedness & Response applications include:

• Back-up power not reliant on utility grid or fossil fuels for critical loads and building security, elevators, and entry systems
• Mobile cellular solutions for temporary offices, shelters


Northern Reliability Is at the Vanguard of the Microgrid Revolution

IslandsResidents of islands and remote rural communities have long been dependent on diesel fueled generators as their primary source of energy. Microgrids are emerging as an exciting option for these communities, generating power at the point of use in a cost-effective, sustainable manner. Untethered from reliance on diesel fuel or the traditional utility grid, island and remote communities are achieving energy independence and security by combining power from natural resources with battery energy storage and intelligent system controls.

Northern Reliability is at the vanguard of this micro-grid revolution with a team of engineers that pioneered some of these first systems in such remote outposts as Alaska and Antarctica. With more mainstream clientele interested in the benefits of being grid and diesel free, Northern Reliability is now delivering microgrid solutions to vacation communities and other campus-like environments.

Oil & Gas

Ensuring the Reliability and Safety of Equipment in the Oil & Gas Industry

Oil & GasProtecting their product, employees, and the environment is especially crucial to the survival and well-being of the oil & gas industry. That is why the industry continues to rely on Northern Reliability’s experience and knowledge when it comes to providing ultra-reliable power solutions to meet their demanding requirements.

Typical applications include:

• Cathodic Protection
• Emergency block valve actuation
• SCADA/ monitoring stations
• Telecommunications
• Pump Stations

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