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Micro-Grid Solutions for Residential, Commercial and Utility Applications

The development of energy storage applications in utility and consumer environments continues to evolve quickly. Utilities are facing excess PV power on their grids and businesses are seeing increasing demand charges. Fortunately, Northern Reliability’s team has been designing and deploying distributed energy storage solutions for decades and we remain at the forefront of distributed energy storage technology. Our storage solutions offer customers from various industries with a host of solutions.

Combining local power generation via renewable energy sources and the capacity to store that power through battery energy storage systems, microgrids can be completely independent of the grid or grid-connected. Whether you refer to microgrids as virtual power plants, minigrids, smart grids, or distributed generation, they all deliver the same value: energy security and independence, decreased dependence on fossil fuels, and intelligent energy management. No longer a solution just for remote communities, microgrids are increasingly becoming part of the 21st century energy landscape. Northern Reliability’s proven and lauded expertise in designing efficient power systems from Antarctica to Asia make it a trusted partner in the emerging microgrid dialogue taking place in your world.

For Utilities

Microgrid Benefits for Utilities

For T&D Operators

Microgrid Benefits for Transmission and Distribution Operators

For Businesses and Homes

Microgrid Benefits for Businesses and Homes

Microgrid Schematic

Microgrid Schematic

Naushon Microgrid

Microgrid Schematic

Why Choose NRI's Microgrid Solutions?

  • Energy Security and Independence

    Microgrids allow you to generate and control your own electrical power output in a self-contained, localized area, while reducing reliance and strain on the traditional utility grid.
  • Reduced Dependence from Fossil Fuels

    Microgrids integrate various renewable energy sources such as sun and wind to eliminate the need for expensive, loud, high maintenance diesel systems. With the cost of shipping and procuring diesel always rising, microgrid systems are a more stable, sustainable, and cleaner energy solution.
  • Intelligent Energy Management

    With Northern Reliability’s control package and customized monitoring interface you can carefully manage your energy usage by storing power when natural resources are in abundance and accessing stored power during times of peak demand. Our software features analytics that will provide a comprehensive view of your power network and allow you to make fully informed and intelligent decisions around the management and operations of the system. Learn more by clicking here.

How our Microgrid Solutions work for you:

Utility and Telecommunications:  If you are a utility or telecommunications provider you want to ensure that your customers are not abandoned by their grid-tied renewable energy investments when the grid goes down.  Stranded assets during blackout periods, such as grid tie solar panels or wind turbines, can leave customers questioning the value of their service providers.  In a changing energy landscape, the ability to “island” and create microgrids for these assets during times of grid failure makes utilities and telecoms part of the energy solution model for their customers.

Military & Government:  Government work is often mission-critical work.  Energy needs to be available, reliable, and secure no matter the location or environmental threats.  Northern Reliability’s microgrid systems deliver reliable power anywhere.  Our engineers have been a part of energy solutions for governmental, military, and scientific organizations for decades, and understand the demands and challenges of delivering power to remote installations around the globe.

Islands, Campuses and Communities:  Whether you are an academic or medical campus, resort, or residential island in the middle of the ocean, microgrids are your path to energy security and independence.  Combining renewables with battery energy storage capacity allows your community to generate power, manage its use and store it for days when energy resources such as sun and wind are reduced—so that you can power your world.

Microgrid Features

Microgrid Features

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