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At Northern Reliability, we work closely with our customers to solve their energy needs. Regardless of location, size or application Northern Reliability will complete your project from start to finish.

BESS/DES Solutions

Power Storage and Grid Solutions. Power grids are more dynamic and complex than ever before. Faced with growing renewable energy installations contributing power to an aging infrastructure, energy storage has become an important focus. Whether for disaster preparedness, back-up power for net metered renewable energy systems, or VAR management, Northern Reliability’s Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS Series) provide solutions for your smart grid upgrades and peak energy management needs, while supporting the renewable energy sources attached to your grid.Northern Reliability’s BESS solutions provide reliable back-up power, energy storage for net metered solar power systems, and opportunities for peak shaving during hours of high utility power demand.Read More

North-View: Controls and Monitoring Software

Control and Monitoring Software. Northern Reliability's North-View software was created to optimize all aspects of NRI's energy storage solutions. The software’s analytical features provide a comprehensive view of the power network while allowing the end user to make fully informed and intelligent decisions around the management and operations of the system.Other features of North-View include automated mode adjustments based off input data and trend comparisons.Read More

Microgrid Solutions

Microgrid Solutions. Combining local power generation via renewable energy sources and the capacity to store that power through battery energy storage systems, microgrids can be completely independent of the grid or grid-connected. Whether you refer to microgrids as virtual power plants, minigrids, smart grids, or distributed generation, they all deliver the same value: energy security and independence, decreased dependence on fossil fuels, and intelligent energy management. No longer a solution just for remote communities, microgrids are increasingly becoming part of the 21st century energy landscape. Read More

Solar Powered Systems

Continuous, reliable, low-maintenance power for off-grid applications. Our stand-alone Solar Power Systems (SPS Series) are at the heart of our lighting, communications, and micro-grid power solutions. By incorporating solar, generators, and other energy production technologies with batteries and state of the art controls, our systems enable customers to increase reliability while reducing their operating costs and environmental impacts.Developed from more than three decades of industry experience and designed to operate in any location, regardless of climate, altitude or site accessibility, our SPS product line has been tailored to meet common mobility, extreme climate, and monitoring needs.Read More

Micro Solar Powered Systems

Compact solar power and storage. Northern Reliability's Micro Solar Power Systems (Micro SPS) delivers stand-alone power to locations at remote or grid-challenged sites. We harness solar power and leverage energy storage to deliver controllers which are suitable to this cost engineered reliable product.Typical Micro SPS applications include aviation obstruction lighting, oil & gas SCADA and cathodic protection, and Security and Surveillance.Read More

Solar Obstruction Lighting Systems

Beacon lighting systems powered by the sun. Northern Reliability's Solar Obstruction Lighting Systems (SOLS Series) use photovoltaic (PV) panels to provide day and night safety lighting for towers, bridges, and other aviation hazards.Typical SOLS applications include safety lighting for utility transmission towers, communications towers, bridges, wind turbines, MET towers and centenary spans.Read More