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Reliable Energy Management

Northern Reliability’s System Controllers (SC Series) allow for full system autonomy, and takes the guess work out of operating your power system.  Just as a symphony orchestra needs a conductor, your energy generation systems need a maestro.  Northern Reliability’s SC family of system controllers can manage multiple sources of power input from a wind turbine, photovoltaic panels, reciprocating engine generators, and fuel cells.Effective energy storage requires a balanced environment:  too hot and it cuts down on system life, too cold and autonomy is reduced.  The SC Series controllers not only manage energy generation and storage but also room and shelter environment.Northern Reliability's SC Series controllers synchronize all the components of the energy system and make the most of available fuel and limited maintenance and refueling windows. Intelligent controls ensure the optimum performance of your system and provide alarms—available both on-site and remotely via serial port connections—if there is ever a problem.


  • Remote monitoring and control
  • Environmental systems control
  • Multiple alarm notifications
  • Web interface
  • MPPT battery charging
  • Load management protection
  • Applications

  • Renewable energy system integration
  • Remote communication applications
  • Energy Storage Systems
  • SCADA applications
  • Pipeline monitoring
  • Cathodic protection and controls
  • Benefits

  • Intelligent controls ensure optimum system performance and enhances reliability.
  • Remote monitoring provides a window into system operations.
  • Alarm and event notification provides peace of mind for site managers.
  • Manages multiple sources of power.